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Friday Night Funkin

Friday Night Funkin’ is a popular free and open source music rhythm game. Visually, the game is very reminiscent of the flash games that were really popular in the past.. The protagonist in Friday night funkin ’ (or just FNF) is an unnamed character, whose name is simply "Boyfriend". He has to beat other characters in singing and rap contests., to be able to date a girl, known as "Girlfriend".

Screenshot of Friday Night Funkin'

A player have to go through several levels, called "weeks", each containing multiple songs. Every week the player faces a new opponent. Opponent will sing a set of notes (which are displayed like arrows), and the Boyfriend must repeat them, using the arrow keys or W, A, S and D. The difficulty of the game gradually increases. Important to note, sometimes the player's song is different from the opponent's song.

Screenshot 2

Friday Night Funkin was created by Canadian programmer Cameron Taylor. (also known as Ninjamuffin99), which in October 2020 together with three other Newgrounds users developed a game for the Ludum Dare contest. The FNF prototype was a huge success and the author continued to develop it. Thanks to, that the game is free (a possibility of an optional donation) and open source, today it has an active modding community, which allows the project to develop quickly.

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Friday Night Funkin'