Changing controls in Friday Night Funkin on PC

Friday Night Funkin' is quite difficult for beginners. If you have just started playing it, maybe you have a lot of questions. Some questions are answered by our guide "How to pass Friday Night funkin», but if even after reading it nothing works for you, then try changing the controls in the game.

Control Changes
Unfortunately, there are no options for changing controls in the game menu. What to do? After reading this manual, you will have the answer to this question.!

Change controls on Windows PC

Download the app AutoHotkey. This is a useful program that allows you to create scripts (sequencing) to perform various tasks on the computer. We are interested in it as a tool for automatically replacing pressing one key by pressing another..

After downloading and installing AutoHotkey (we hope you don't have any problems with it), open notepad and paste the following text into it:

; Friday Night Funkin' custom controls

#IfWinActive Friday Night Funkin





; Frets on Fire Style





Save the entry with any name (For example, control) and extension .ahk (but not .txt) and place it in the game folder.


After that run the newly created file (double click). An AutoHotkey icon should appear in the system tray.

AutoHotkey icon

Launch the game Friday Night Funkin'. Now you can use H J K L as arrow keys or F1-F4, holding the keyboard like a guitar. You can also still use the arrow keys to navigate the control menu.

After the game is over, you need to close AutoHotkey. To do this, right-click on its icon in the system tray and click Exit. If this is not done, the program may interfere with you in other games and programs..

AutoHotkey exit

Perhaps you will not like the control scheme proposed by us. You can change it by editing the file control.ahk. Then save the file and restart AutoHotkey (close it as described above, and then run the file again control.ahk).

Leave your comment on this guide! Is everything clear in it? Do you have any additional questions or comments?. Feel free to ask, maybe you will find the answer to your problem here..

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