Doki Doki Takeover (Windows)

Want to add new opponents to the game and diversify FNF with new content? Then you are in the right place! Here you can download one of the most popular mods in recent times — Doki Doki Takeover. At the end of the article there is a download link for Windows PC.

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Doki Doki Takeover Free Mod, based on the popular visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club. New rivals are waiting for you — cute girls in anime style. On our website there is already a mod, where you could fight with one of the members of the literature club — Monica (VS Monika). But this time you can try your hand at musical battles with the entire literary club, which includes: Monica (Monika), Sayori ( Sayori), Natsuki (Natsuki), Yuri (Yuri).

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If you have already played Doki Doki Literature Club!, then you will definitely like this mod, because here you will meet your favorite characters in a completely new role. The mod adds a large number of new tracks to the game.. A gamer can choose, with which of the girls to fight and to what song. All tracks are very diverse with an interesting and fresh sound..

Gameplay remains unchanged. Boyfriend still needs speed and agility, to deal effectively with opponents. You can choose the difficulty level "Easy", "Normal", "Hard".

The Doki Doki Takeover mod is distinguished by its scale and quality. Good graphics, well-drawn characters, many dialogues and, of course, a whole playlist of new tracks. In addition to the high-quality content of the mod, users will definitely be pleased with the ability to independently customize the gameplay and interface.

Download mod Doki Doki Takeover

Below is a direct link, where you can download the mod to your computer. Also here you can see step-by-step instruction for installing the mod.

What's new in this version
  • Fixed issues with randomization.
  • Removed character caching due to high memory usage with minimal impact.
  • Added save detection for the new Tabi version.
  • Reduced metadata display time during the festival week.
  • Fixed crash, caused by video cleaning in linux.
  • Disabled use of a specific shader on Linux.
Download previous versions

How to install B Side Remixes

  1. Download mod archive from our website.
  2. Unzip the archive into a folder.
  3. Run DokiTakeover.exe.
  4. You can start playing.

Questions have arisen? Do you want to share your opinion about this mod, make comments or suggestions? The form for adding comments is always at your service! Also you can write, if you want to try, that we post any previous version of the mod.

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