Download Friday Night Funkin ’ for Android

On this page you can download the latest version of Friday Night Funkin game for free’ for mobile and tablets running the Android operating system.

Friday Night Funkin' for Android

The game has a fairly compact size — less 200 MB. So powerful technical characteristics are not required from your mobile device., even a fairly weak device will pull this game.

Installing the game on a mobile device is very easy and takes a minimum of time. Before downloading we recommend allow downloading applications from unknown sources in the settings of your gadget. It will ensure a quick installation of FNF.

Download Friday Night Funkin'

Here is a direct link, where you can download the latest version of Friday Night Funkin'.

What's new in this version
  • No information available
Download previous versions

How to install Friday Night Funkin'

  • Download the apk file of the game from our website.
  • Run apk file.
  • Click "Install".
  • Allow installation of apps from unknown sources (if you haven't done it before).
  • Then click "Open" and play.

If you have any difficulties with the installation — write in the comments and we will help. Maybe, Do you have any additions or comments — feel free to leave them here. We will definitely look into them..

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Friday Night Funkin'
Comments: 69
  1. Oovcoacmt

    Flies out :cry:

    1. Seagull

      So I don't know what to do((((fix if you can but everything is cool.

      1. Danilo Shevchuk

        Lady night funkin better

        1. Seva

          Like a download but I love red among sa music

      2. Timur

        I love friday funkin

      3. David

        Good game

    2. My Bendy game crashes too


      1. Sasha

        My game is crashing please help me!!!

        1. Smoke

          Buy a new phone

        2. Denis

          I also have a black back fln

        3. Artur Pereshkov

          Good game

    3. Nikita

      How to download friday night funken

  2. Snow

    I'll install and check.

    1. Player

      Flies out! How to fix?

  3. Rita


    1. arnur


      1. Rosa Daniella

        I, too

      2. Sema

        Clean your phone

      3. FNF BF

        Great game thanks. What made her

      4. David

        The coolest
        Good cravika
        The best game

        1. Screams

          And this is a real fried de neid fucking

    2. Da kruuuto

      Yes cool

      1. Mia

        According to

    3. Txtin


  4. Anonymous

    It works doesn’t work, maybe the phone is old or just a weak phone for this game, but sometimes it crashed for me too, but everything is fine with me

    1. fnf fan

      The game is cool, but at least I have black squares instead of Persians, I like it and my phone does not support it anymore 4056 pixels but I don't care I'll play 😃

  5. Kamisato Ayaka

    Cool does not crash high

    1. Anonymous

      Black weeks fly out why?

      1. Anonymous

        How to enter settings

  6. Anonymous


  7. Artyom

    Cool everything works thanks 👍

  8. Denis

    Does not support but how does my phone support 64 giga
    And the question is if later when I clear the bodies it will be fine but please don't do the arrow keys I can't just play. ( Separate info) in the computer I went through all the levels and even those that are not according to the plot

  9. Fontat fnf

    I was only able to download the garcello mod


    How to download?

  11. He calls Italy

    i love this game

    1. Valera

      Not the jumper

  12. Amet

    If I don’t succeed what to do if it doesn’t work out what I don’t know I won’t download

  13. Anonymous

    Fucking cool and complicated

  14. Boyfriend

    Yes it flies 🥺

  15. ,_,

    I will download and check)

  16. Anonymous

    You got it 11 week to 4 song пжж

  17. Ramadan

    How to download

  18. Writing

    Management is not convenient, but in general is normal

  19. FixEye

    How and where to install?

  20. FixEye

    Yes all

  21. Anonymous

    cool toy,only on the latest version of the game, instead of persons, black squares. Hope, what will you read.

  22. Anonymous

    I want to download it very easy

  23. Anonymous

    I like playing

  24. Timur

    It's a virus ?

  25. Anonymous

    No, not the jumper

  26. Naruto cannon

    This game is very cool

  27. Alexander Chernikov

    The mod and the game are very cool, but there are more mods for this game than the whole game

  28. Andrey Mironoav

    When will crashes be fixed? 6 week

    1. Anonymous


    2. FNF

      6 the week is flying out, please reduce the size

  29. Anonymous

    The game is cool but add more levels like noruto levels

    1. Aya didn't check

      Aya unverified

  30. sasha the hedgehog

    and on the TV it supports it ? I don't have an android . and almost all plaques are locked by a time limit . only mom's without a lock and time limit . can you please fix it so that it works not only on Android or other devices but also on the TV. and how to install it?

  31. BF

    I wanted a pacman mod

  32. Who's age?

    This game is cool and super fun, I will download it, I want to play it as soon as possible

  33. Anonymous

    FNF woouuuuuuuuuu like

  34. Anonymous

    How to download FNF

  35. FNF top

    How to download?

  36. Renate

    Black cannon!!!

  37. Max gg

    I didn't even do anything

  38. BF


  39. Hussein

    Is it possible to download this game on android phone

  40. Anonymous

    FNF top

  41. MAKSIM


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