Download Friday Night Funkin ’ for iOS

Download Friday Night Funkin'

On this page you can download for free latest version of Friday Night Funkin’ to your iOS device (iPhone or iPad).

Friday Night Funkin' for iOS

It should be noted, that it's not official version of the game for iOS. But don't worry, you can play and enjoy. There is a port of Friday Night Funkin’ для iOS — FunkiniOS, which provides the opportunity to play the game on iPhone or iPad. At the same time, the gameplay is completely identical to the original game., so you have nothing to lose.

Unfortunately, this port is not in the App Store, so it can only be downloaded as an IPA file. You should be able to install such files. Link to instructions is below. (in "Download Friday Night Funkin'").

Download Friday Night Funkin ’

Below is the link to free download the IPA of the latest version of FunkiniOS by direct link.

What's new in this version
  • Should now compile to >= Xcode 12 and playable on iOS 15!
  • Fixed wrong Bundle ID
Download previous versions

After downloading the file, you must install it. The best way to do this with the AltStore app.. Link to download this product, as well as instructions for installing .ipa files can be found in this article. Read the material carefully and you will easily install FNF on iOS.

If you have any difficulties with the installation — write in the comments and we will help. If you have any additions or comments, feel free to post them here.. We will definitely look into them..

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Friday Night Funkin'
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  2. Man

    I love to play Friday night Funkin Cool game I like this game release more of these games and more versions and mods

  3. Yura

    Cool thing

  4. Tojo

    I love music Battle

  5. obadah

    Cool thing you did all of this try using Minecraft in da future man

  6. Ayaru Maimanova

    How to download fnf on phone

    1. Selena

      I don’t know so go cry about it

  7. Anonymous

    Game of norms

  8. Irina

    How to download it?

  9. Irina

    Great game keep up the good work!

  10. Anonymous

    Bad game😡

  11. Ami

    How to download the original

  12. Anonymous

    I want Friday night funkin

  13. Andrew

    the best version of fnf is indie cross
    There and bendy And Cuphead and Papyrus with Sans and a lot of secrets

  14. Dasha

    I can't install

  15. Alfie

    Good I use iPad Pro

  16. Julianna

    Why is it not downloaded on iPhone?

  17. Shit


  18. Gordey

    This game cannot be downloaded on iPhone or iPad

  19. Bruh

    Why take so long to download bro

  20. Marcelino

    It’s not working you mofos🤬🤬🤬🤬

    1. Anonymous

      Skill issue

  21. Anonymous

    Top game

  22. Wisdom

    Y’all are stupid.

    You have to sideload the iPA file through something like trollstore or scarlet.

  23. im not him…

    Scarlet or trollstore!

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