Download Friday Night Funkin ’ for Windows

Implement your dream and play FNF now. Download the game to your computer and catch the rhythm with millions of gamers around the world.

Friday Night Funkin' for Windows

On this page you can download the latest version of Friday Night Funkin' to your Windows PC easily and as fast as possible.. The game is available for both 64-bit, and for 32-bit operating system. You can download the game from our site for free..

You can also download the game to your computer with the operating system macOS or Linux, or on a smartphone/tablet with Android or iOS.

Installing Friday Night Funkin' on PC is extremely simple and doesn't require special skills. For your convenience, at the bottom of the article there is a detailed step-by-step instruction for installing the game..

Download Friday Night Funkin'

Below are direct links, where you can download the latest version of this popular game. Download and show your musical talent now.

What's new in this version
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How to install Friday Night Funkin'

  • Download the archive with the game from our website. Choose the correct version (if you don't know which one — download x86).
  • Unzip the downloaded archive to the selected folder (folder name must be in English).
  • Run the game file (with .exe extension).
  • Play and enjoy.

If you have any difficulties with downloading and installing — just write in the comments and we will help. If you have any additions or comments, feel free to post them here.. We will definitely look into them..

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Friday Night Funkin'
Comments: 42
  1. ekderidze myasnikova

    cool game



  3. Danya

    How to archive

    1. Arseniy

      So that new mods come out more often

    2. MAKSIM

      when the file is downloaded, press extract or extract and you're done, there it will be at the top

    3. love sosa. not important

      you don't have win rar?

      1. Anonymous

        there is no wine rar it is offered to buy

    4. Egor

      What should I do if I log in and they tell me to download an update

  4. Danil

    How to archive

    1. fnf (author)

      Usually you need an archiver, but ZIP archives today can be unzipped simply by means of Windows. Open archive, copy the folder from it and paste it somewhere (e.g. desktop). Open folder, run the desired file and play.

      1. F

        which file exactly,does not start

  5. Abai Er

    rifle game

  6. Moses

    It's virus-free? a friend said that .exe is a virus for Windows

    1. Pragramist Andrey

      it's not true that .exe is a virus from without .exe today, without it, mi bi did not go into torrent games on pc, well, what do you say to that

      1. Alexei

        I'll say that, that it would not hurt you to open a Russian language textbook.

        1. wash

          I also agree and calls him a programmer

          1. about


          2. Mon

            and suddenly people from Ukraine?

        2. Anonymous

          man yes let him call it

        3. Zhong


    2. Artyomka

      .exe is a file type, not a virus., your friend has seen enough videos about .exe viruses

  7. mouse

    without viruses

  8. Anonymous

    how to install

  9. Anonymous

    I don't run. what is the problem?

    1. Anonymous

      all you need to do is put on info

  10. Soleron

    why when the game starts it does not work i.e. white screen or black

  11. Maxim

    FNF cool game

  12. Zhenya

    how to download the game

  13. chicken cheese

    this beat rocks you

  14. Anonymous

    glory to Ukraine

    1. Victor

      don't disagree

  15. Anonymous

    How to make the game run in full screen mode?

  16. Anonymous

    it's definitely virus-free?

    1. Polina

      I don't know, I'm afraid

  17. Vova


  18. Anonymous

    I miss this mod on win 98 simulator

  19. Chibupelya


  20. micha bitch

    yes, cool game, well, I have it, but it pours out, although I did everything right, help

  21. Maxim

    make it easier

  22. pigeon

    My game won't start, what should I do??

  23. poop on the street

    how to download game on pc

  24. derek

    look fun

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