FNF Mobile (MODPack) (Windows, Android)

Get to know a truly unique and powerful mod for Friday Night Funkin’ — FNF Mobile. This is the best mod ever released for this game, because everything is here, what you need for dynamic and rich gameplay. On this page you can download the latest version of the mod on Windows PC, as well as on any Android device.

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FNF Mobile is a pack of mods for FNF, which includes a large number of the best mods for this game. Now you do not need to install each mod separately and take up a lot of space on your device. Everything is available in one place and it's great. The mod contains all the most popular and interesting rivals, with whom you can fight in rap battles to unique tracks. Besides, mod also includes the 7th week of the game, which is not officially available yet .

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Below you can see all the mods, and, respectively, rivals, who you can fight, by installing FNF Mobile. It should also be noted, that developers regularly update the mod and add new content.

Components of FNF Mobile

  • VS Tricky mod
  • VS Tabi
  • VS Monika
  • VS Kapi
  • VS Whitty
  • VS Agoti
  • VS Garcello
  • VS Carol
  • VS FoolHardy
  • VS Tord
  • Mid-Fight Masses
  • VS Matt
  • VS Hex
  • VS Casanova
  • FNF NEO (Freeplay mode)
  • FNF B-Sides (Freeplay mode)

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Another significant advantage of the mod is, it is available for different platforms. So you can enjoy the game on a Windows PC, and on a smartphone running Android.

Download FNF Mobile

Below are direct links to download the latest version of the mod. Choose your platform and download the mod. We guarantee fast and safe product download on your device. Also be sure to check the installation instructions for Windows and Android.

What's new in this version
  • Fixed some bugs and other improvements.

How to install on Windows

  1. Download RAR file for Windows.
  2. Unzip it with any archiver to a folder.
  3. Open the folder and run the file named fnf-mobile.exe.
  4. Play and enjoy.

How to install on Android

  1. Download the APK file to your mobile device.
  2. Open and install the downloaded APK file (be sure to allow installation of applications from unknown sources).
  3. Open the installed mod and you can start playing.

If you have any questions about the mod or installation, be sure to leave them in the comment block. Also here you can share your opinion about this produсt, make comments or suggestions. The form for adding comments is always at your service —be sure to use:)

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Friday Night Funkin'
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    Your game is not finished yet it is a big minus when I try to play any song the game crashes fix it

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    The game does not start from the menu of social networks

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    sasha vs fnf

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    How to download

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    Game keeps crashing, I can't start the game properly. Please correct

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    Make the second joystick work

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    It doesn't even download stupid developers

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    I have one, everything is fine

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    not one

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    the game is working, everything is normal, thank you !!!!!!

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    :) norms

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    Help,i click install and it says that it fails. I have Redmi note 9s 128gb still free 5-4 gb. I just can't download it

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