Friday Night Funkin’ Multiplayer (Windows)

On this page you can download a unique mod for the Friday Night Funkin' game named Friday Night Funkin’ Multiplayer. We have the latest version for free! This mod is intended for installation on Windows PCs.

Friday Night Funkin' Multiplayer

Friday Night Funkin’ Multiplayer — free mod for FNF, which lets you play against real people in this popular music game. By installing the mod, you will be able to play FNF levels with your friends in online and local multiplayer mode.

The mod does not change the skin of the game. The gameplay remains absolutely identical to the original version, except, that you will face another player instead of artificial intelligence. You both need to still press buttons at the right time, and at the end of the battle you will receive the earned points. This is how the winner is determined.

Friday Night Funkin' Multiplayer

Important! The mod is incompatible with other mods, which change the game executable. So, if you have other Friday Night Funkin' mods installed, then this mod may not work. You will need to uninstall other mods, before you can play online.

If you have wanted to play this world popular game with your friends, then be sure to download this mod. The developers have tried and made it as high quality as possible for your comfortable game. The mod allows you to play with the arrow keys for the Player 1 and WASD for the Player 2.

Download Friday Night Funkin ’ Multiplayer

Direct links, by which you can download this incredibly useful mod to your computer. A detailed step-by-step installation guide is also available here.

What's new in this version
  • Added support for custom charts
  • Added the ability «sing», by pressing the arrow keys in the online mode lobby (hold shift to miss).
  • Now you can change the music, being in the lobby (only affects you)
  • Added downscroll
  • New Miss GF sprites from Bmv277
  • IP and port are now in the same field
  • Improved online mode stability.
  • Now you can paste copied texts (due to restrictions you can paste texts, copied only AFTER starting the game)
  • Fixed minor bugs

How to install Friday Night Funkin'’ Multiplayer

  1. Download mod archive from our website (if you have a 32-bit operating system — take the appropriate file).
  2. Unzip it to a location convenient for you.
  3. Run FunkinMulti.exe.
  4. You can start playing.

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Friday Night Funkin'
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