FNF: VS Angry Birds — Missing Eggs (Windows)

We suggest adding new characters to Friday Night Funkin'. Get to know the new modification for this popular rhythm game and download it to your PC. There is a direct link at the end of the article., where you can download the current version of the product.

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FNF: VS Angry Birds (Missing Eggs) - cool mod for Friday Night Funkin', which adds content from the Angry Birds universe to FNF. After the mod installing, you will be able to combine two popular gaming universes and enjoy a completely new game.

In this modification, BF is represented as a blue bird.. His opponents will be the Red Yellow-billed Desert Cardinal., and Minion Pig. Rap battles will be very tough, since the game is only available in Hard mode. Behind each character is his support group, who is actively rooting for her friend. All the characters have a very angry expression and they are all ready to fight for life., but to death.

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The benefits of FNF: VS Angry Birds — Missing Eggs

  • Completely updated FNF.
  • New characters in the game.
  • Original track.
  • Nice visual design mod.
  • New background.
  • High quality graphics.
  • The mod works stably.

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The disadvantages of FNF: VS Angry Birds — Missing Eggs

  • The modification contains all 1 track.
  • Only Hard mode is available for the game.

Download FNF: VS Angry Birds — Missing Eggs

Link available below, where you can download the mod archive. To properly install the modification on your computer, be sure to read the step-by-step instructions below..

What's new in this version
  • New song «Missing Eggs REMIX»!
  • New improved sprites!
  • New events in the middle of the song.
Download previous versions

Pay attention! To play FNF: VS Angry Birds (Missing Eggs) you will need a special engine installed on your PC Psych Engine for Friday Night Funkin’ (version 0.5.2h or higher). With this engine you can run the modification and enjoy the game.

How to install FNF : VS Angry Birds — Missing Eggs

  1. Download mod archive from our website.
  2. Unzip it to a folder (use for this any archiver convenient for you).
  3. Drag the created folder to the psychengine/mods folder.
  4. Open Psych Engine and start a new week with Angry Birds.
  5. Play with pleasure.

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If you still have questions about installation - write them below in the comments and we will definitely help you solve any problem. Also here you can express your opinion about the mod and share your experience with other players.

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