FNF: VS Huggy Wuggy (Windows)

New mod for Friday Night Funkin'. This mod adds to the game a cute, but quite dangerous opponent, with whom you will have to fight in the battle.

Diversify the game and try something new in your FNF. Check out this cool mod, which will make the gameplay more intense. The direct download link for the latest version is at the bottom of the article.

FNF: VS Huggy Wuggy

FNF: VS Huggy Wuggy is an interesting modification with a high-quality content. Thanks to the mod, you will be able to fight the mega popular Huggy Wuggy from the horror game Poppy Playtime. If you are a fan of these games, then be sure to install the mod. Combine two of your favorite games into one and enjoy addictive gameplay.

Huggy Waggi is shown in the game as a huge creature with incredibly long arms and legs., a height of at least 13 feet. He has blue fur and many sharp teeth.. He has yellow hands and feet., red lips and eyes, charcoal-like. He also wears a blue bow tie.. Huggy Wuggy's head and body are sewn with a rather sloppy seam. At first glance, this bear may seem like a harmless creature, but believe it's not. The playability of the mod is very good. Even a gamer without much gaming experience will be able to overcome an opponent. But in the final stages the game is quite difficult..

FNF: VS Huggy Wuggy

Beyond the new FNF rival: VS Huggy Wuggy adds a new track to the game. It's quite a rhythmic song., without any aggressive sound. At the beginning, the track generally starts as a classical melody.

Pay attention! The product is in active development, so sometimes there may be malfunctions. Nevertheless, developers are constantly developing and improving the mod.

Download FNF: VS Huggy Wuggy

Here is a link for fast and secure downloading of the latest version of the mod on Windows PC. Don't forget to read the installation instruction, to avoid any installation problems.

What's new in this version
  • funny songs

How to install FNF : VS Huggy Wuggy

  1. Download archive from our website.
  2. Unzip the archive to a folder or other place convenient for you.
  3. Enter this folder and run the PsychEngine.exe file.
  4. Play and enjoy.

If you have any questions about the mod or installation — leave your comment in the field below. We will definitely try to help you solve any problem that arises.. Also here you can leave your review about this product.. Be sure to write to us, what other mods would you like to see on our website and we will add them.

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Friday Night Funkin'
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  1. Aida

    I haven't played fnf I don't know how to play

    1. novel

      you need to press the arrows on the keyboard

    2. devto

      tuch some grass

  2. Dima

    MOD TOP!

    1. aNANIMUS

      to roll top

  3. lol

    what a complicated horror

    1. Polka

      Learn how to write first, if you put hard and can't get through, why don't you choose the easier level?

    2. AdoAdo

      Hi am comment in the tablet but fnf huggy wuggy work in Windows 10?

  4. hagi herobrin

    game TOP but the secret song seems to work

  5. renat

    game TOP!!!

  6. and with olt from ltch

    i wonder hero

  7. and with olt from ltch

    I'm surprised by the game

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    top mod keep making this top mod good luck

  10. saw

    i want this game forever

  11. Sasha

    does not start extracted to the folder I start but does not start

  12. novel

    play top

  13. fire engine

    does not work!!!

  14. agelong193RBLX

    ayo hi guys

  15. agelong193RBLX

    sus the gaaaaaame

  16. Dasha EXE 25

    Hagi Wagi tobe khan

  17. milan old

    well nice game

  18. archangel

    quiero friday night funkin

  19. She

    bf are on the monster?

  20. Angry pancake

    Cool mod but why windows xp +??????????????

  21. somebody

    thank you very much great game

  22. Anonymous

    Bă funky night Friday e cel mai fain din lume și eu sunt Luca ilie pentru că acest joc este tare că fierul

  23. Anonymous

    I can't find PsychEngine.exe.

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