FNF: VS Impostor (Windows)

New interesting mod for a completely new, richer and more exciting FNF. Install the mod and fight with new strong opponents.

Tired of fighting the usual opponents? Want to add something new to the game, then look closely at this mod. At the end of the article you can download the latest version of the mod by a direct link on your Windows PC.

FNF: VS Impostor

FNF: VS Impostor is a completely free mod for Friday Night Funkin', dedicated to the popular video game Among Us. This mod adds four new weeks to the game. This is brand new content, which will definitely change your game. The antagonists of this mod are imposters - the main antagonists of Among Us.

You will be able to join the rap battle with red, green, pink and gray impostors. Your opponents look intimidating and fight quite aggressively, so it won't be easy to win. The most feared are the red and gray impostors. Red has a gun, with which he constantly threatens Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

FNF: VS Impostor

Gray impostor in the hands has a huge bloody knife, which he constantly waves in front of the Boyfriend. Agree, it is impossible to relax in such a situation.

New tracks await you every week. There are really a lot of songs, several in each week. All tracks are very different, but all of them are very exciting.


  • Week 1 (Polus): Sussus Moogus; Meltdown; Sabotage.
  • Week 2 (Mira): Sussus Toogus; Lights Down: Ejected; Reactor.
  • Week 3 (Skeld): Sussy Bussy; Chewmate; Rivals.
  • Week 4 (???): Defeat.

Download FNF: VS Impostor

Below is a link to download the latest version of this mod. Don't forget to read the installation instruction.

What's new in this version
  • Fixed some bugs and other improvements.
Download previous versions

How to install FNF : VS Impostor

  1. Download mod archive from our website.
  2. Unzip the mod archive to a folder or other place convenient for you.
  3. Run Kade Engine.exe.
  4. You can start playing.

If you have any questions about the mod or installation — leave your comment in the field below. We will definitely try to help you solve any problem that arises.. Also here you can leave your review about this product.. Be sure to write to us, what other mods would you like to see on our website and we will add them.

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