FNF: VS Kapi: Arcade Showdown (Windows)

Expand your collection of rivals in FNF musical battles. The mod offers you some more new rivals, won't be easy to beat.

FNF: VS Kapi: Arcade Showdown — free mod for Friday Night Funkin', with a lot of new content. If you want to try your hand at musical battles with new interesting opponents, then be sure to install this mod. There is a direct link at the end of the article, where you can download the latest version of the mod on your Windows PC.

FNF: or just VS. Kapi: Arcade Showdown

The mod includes 5 new songs, two rivals and many other fun things, that diversify your game. Your rivals will be: Kapi and Mr. Game & Watch series.

Kapi is an anthropomorphic cat with gray fur and long gray hair, which he tied in a ponytail and combed to the left. He has big bushy eyebrows, eyes, reflecting light, small button nose, three freckles on both cheeks and a single sharp tooth, protruding from the corner of the mouth. He also has two long, spiky whiskers on either side of his face and three piercings on his right ear. He is wearing a hooded sweatshirt with drawstrings, dark gray trousers and dark gray shoes with white inserts. His week consists of 4 songs: Wocky, Beathoven, Hairball and Nyaw.

FNF: or just VS. Kapi: Arcade Showdown

Mister Game & Watch is a character from Super Smash Bros., where he presents the Game & Watch series. He is a simple black man with a light gray outline. He has a round head with a big nose. When he smiles, his mouth glows white from the inside. He has no eyes, no ears. Mister Game's only song & Watch — Flatzone.

FNF: VS Kapi: Arcade Showdown

Download FNF: VS Kapi: Arcade Showdown

Here you can download the latest version of this popular mod to your PC. Before downloading, do not forget to read the instruction for installing the mod on your device, to avoid installation problems.

What's new in this version
  • Fixed some bugs and other improvements.

How to install FNF : VS Kapi: Arcade Showdown

  1. Download mod archive from our website.
  2. Unzip the mod to a folder or any other location.
  3. Run Funkin.exe.
  4. Play and enjoy.

If you have any questions or just want to share your impressions about the mod — leave your comment in the field below. Be sure to write, if you want to try, so that we can post any other mods for FNF. We will definitely add them.

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