FNF: VS Oswald (Android)

One more interesting mod for Friday Night Funkin', which you have to try. Take a look at the mod called FNF: VS Oswald and download it to your Android device. Only direct safe download links are provided on our site, so no problems will arise and your device will be safe.

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FNF: VS Oswald is a free mod for Friday Night Funkin', which will add a little kindness to your game. Your rival in this mod will be the most famous rabbit Oswald , created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks. This is the happiest and the luckiest rabbit, who was a cartoon character from the 1920s and 1930s.

Oswald is a classic cartoon rabbit with very long rounded ears, completely black small body and white face, like most monochrome cartoons. He wears blue shorts and looks very cute, even when not happy.

The main feature of this mod is an unusually long dialogue between characters. In this dialogue, BF and GF are trying to remember, what is the name of this legendary rabbit, but they don't get anything. Therefore, Oswald is forced to introduce himself and join the battle. By the way, The dialogue is very funny and interesting to read. The main disadvantage of FNF: VS Oswald is only one track. At the same time, it should be noted, that the song is very funny. Difficulty is not too high, so the mod is good for beginners.

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Download FNF: VS Oswald

You can download this mod from the link below. We guarantee you a fast and secure product download on your smartphone. Also be sure to look at the installing instruction for the mod, to avoid any problems during installation.

What's new in this version
  • Fixed some bugs and other improvements.

How to install on Android

  1. Download the APK file to your mobile device.
  2. Open and install the downloaded APK file (be sure to allow installation of applications from unknown sources).
  3. Open the installed mod.
  4. You can start playing.

If you have any questions about filling the mod or installing it, write them in the comment block. We will try to help you with any difficulties you may have. Also here you can share your opinion about this mod, if you have already tried it. Be sure to write, if you want to try, that we add some more interesting mods.

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