FNF: VS Tails.EXE (Android)

Catch one more quality mod for Friday Night Funkin', which you can easily install on your smartphone or tablet with Android OS. Get acquainted with the mod and at the end of the article you can download the latest version via a direct link. We guarantee the fastest and safest downloading.

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FNF: VS Tails.EXE is an interesting horror mod for Friday Night Funkin', which is a prequel to the FNF: VS Sonic.Exe. Here, your rival will be the famous character of the Sonic saga — Tails (Sonic's best friend and assistant). The BF will meet in a battle not only with the usual Tails, but also with his terrible soul double. The demon Xenophanes also appears in the mod's last song.

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In addition to new rivals, the mod also adds a few new tracks: «Chasing», «Darkness» and «Sidekick» (first week). In the second week the song "Octane" is available. All tracks are unique and sound a bit creepy. The «Sidekick» composition is particularly rich and complex, where Boyfriend fights Xenophan and Tails soul double.

Benefits of FNF: VS Tails.EXE

  • New weeks and original rivals.
  • High-quality graphics and character animation.
  • New interesting backgrounds for battles.
  • Options to customize the gameplay.
  • Brand new menu.
  • The mod works stably.

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Disadvantages of FNF: VS Tails.EXE

  • Lack of dialogue.

Attention! The mod is not recommended for use by people with any diseases of the nervous system. Flashing lights, anxiety, screen shaking — all this can lead to a deterioration in the mental state of a person.

Download FNF: VS Tails.EXE

You can download this mod from the link below. We guarantee you a fast and secure product download on your smartphone. We also recommend you look at the installing instructions, to avoid any problems during installation.

What's new in this version
  • No information available

How to install on Android

  1. Download the APK file from our website to your mobile device.
  2. Open and install the downloaded APK file (allow installation of apps from unknown sources).
  3. Open the installed mod.
  4. Play and enjoy.

Be sure to write in the comment box, did you manage to install and run the mod on your smartphone? If you have any difficulties, just write and we will try to help. Also here you can share your opinion about this mod, if you have already tried it. What other mods would you like to see on our site? Write and we will add them.

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