How to play Friday Night Funkin' on iPhone or iPad

If you have an iPhone or iPad and love Friday Night Funkin' (or just want to try this game) you probably already have a question — is it possible to play it on devices with the iOS operating system? Otherwise, what would you do on this page?

How to play on iPhone

Of course there is such a possibility.. And first we would like to offer you an online version of FNF. Just open this page in browser and play. If the game doesn't start on the specified page, try again this. Generally, we have a lot online versions of Friday Night Funkin' and her mods — choose what you like and play.

But the online version of FNF is not always convenient. First of all, you can’t play without an internet connection. Secondly, management in it may not seem very convenient. Thirdly, the game sometimes takes a long time to load..

For those, who still prefers a full-fledged installation of the game on their mobile device, we can offer Friday Night Funkin' IPA file for iPhone or iPad. Unfortunately, this is the only one way. This game is not in the App Store., so it will take some time.

Download the IPA file and install it using one of the helper programs for this. A good installation instruction using the AltStore application is located here. In her just, as an example, the installation of the FNF IPA file is considered. Of course, installation in this way takes some time, but if you do it right you will be able to enjoy the full gameplay on your favorite platform.

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Friday Night Funkin'
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