Friday Night Funkin: Neo for free (Windows, Mac)

On this page you can download the latest version of the Friday Night Funkin: Neo for free. This mod is intended for installation on a computer running Windows or Mac.

Friday Night Funkin: Neo is an interesting free mod for Friday Night Funkin. Mod doesn't add new characters to the game, but it completely updates it. The game takes on a beautiful neon look. All characters of the game are performed in bright neon colors and have beautiful accessories.

In this way, after installing the mod, you get a completely visually updated Friday Night Funkin'. It’s all gonna come out in new colors, and the gameplay will be even more interesting and varied. Developers worked hard on graphics, that's why everything looks very high quality and bright. Also here you'll see a lot of new tracks.

Download Friday Night Funkin : Neo for free

Below is a direct link, by which you will be able to download this interesting mod for free. pay attention to the step-by-step instruction for installing the mod.

What's new in this version
  • Dialog completely fixed!
  • Eggnog shouldn't be so far behind
  • Menu music no longer plays in the final cutscene.
  • The end of the dialogue is now displayed for the Father's Battle, Illusions and Hallucinations!
  • Maybe a hidden thing in the files ???
  • Corrections to some dialogues
Download previous versions

How to install B Side Remixes

  1. Download mod archive from our website.
  2. Unzip the mod to any folder.
  3. Open this folder and run the Funkin file.
  4. Now you can play.

Did you like this mod? What exactly did you like or dislike?? Your impressions, observations, leave comments and suggestions in the comments!

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Friday Night Funkin'
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