FNF: VS Stickman (Windows)

FNF: VS Stickman — a quality modification for your FNF. There’s no such thing as too many new opponents for rap battles, so download the mod and fight.

Check out this really cool mod for your Friday Night Funkin'. The modification guarantees you a richer and more exciting gameplay and a lot of new experiences.. Here you can download the current version of the mod for free on your Windows PC..

FNF: VS Stickman

FNF: VS Stickman is a popular mod from the CyberFunk team, which will add novelty and variety to your game. The main character of the mod and your new rival is the well-known or even legendary Stickman. From the outside, the main character is unremarkable. It's just a black man with huge white luminous eyes.. But as soon as you start the battle, understand, that defeating this simpleton will not be so easy. In the final stages, the game becomes particularly difficult.

FNF: VS Stickman

New songs

In this mod you'll enjoy 5 new songs: Sticking; Fight; Bopeebo; Serious ; Boombox. The songs are very different. For example, Serious sounds classic, but in the song Boombox you will hear the sounds of turntables and you can enjoy the club beat.

But this is not all! This mod also offers the user a Secret Week. Your opponent in Secret Week will be Daisy from the series "Angry Soul". This is a very sweet-looking girl in a white dress and with a camomile in her hair.. She has unrealistic vocal abilities. She's ready to fight you and kick your ass. To open this character click on the video recommendation when you start the mod. Once you select this video and launch the mod you will meet a hidden song, and you will be able to fight the girl in the Wrath Soul Chapter animation 1.

FNF: VS Stickman

Besides, the mod also has a secret joke song called "Sanessdgfhrzhzerh-by-Moro", but you have to enter in the debugging menu and enter the name of the song.

Download FNF: VS Stickman

Below is a direct link, where you can download this mod to your personal computer. Besides, pay attention to the step-by-step instruction for installing the mod.

What's new in this version
  • Fixed table of secret songs {again}
  • Added more animations for secret song
  • Changed normal BF death animation
  • Added an icon for the game

How to install FNF : VS Stickman

  1. Download archive from our website.
  2. Unzip the mod to any convenient location.
  3. Run Vs Stickman.exe.
  4. Play and enjoy.

If you have any questions or just want to share your impressions of the modification, the comment form is always at your service.!

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