Psych Engine (Friday Night Funkin’) (Windows)

On this page you can find information about the features of the Psych Engine for Friday Night Funkin', and also download it to your PC. It can be used to run mods to the game and to develop your own mods..

Psych Engine — special engine’ designed to easily integrate new characters into the game, dialogues, video, options and so on. With it every more or less motivated enthusiast can develop his own mod or addon for this popular project..

Also, this engine is used by those, who just wants to play new FNF mods. Just download it, unpack and add the necessary add-ons to the mods folder.

The engine was originally created for the Mind Games Mod.. The original game was difficult to modify, but the developers wanted to implement many specific features in their mod. The result was the development of the Psych Engine., which is now used by many novice modders for their creations.

Features of the Psych Engine

  • Support for in-game video in .MP4 format.
  • Improved control system with customizable themes.
  • Built-in character editor (click 8 during the track).
  • Built-in week and dialogue editor (click 7 in the main menu).
  • Mod support (characters, weeks, scene, dialogues, video).
  • Redesigned story mode menu.
  • Dialogues with animated characters
  • In-game rewards.
  • Advanced settings.
  • Support for Lua scripts.
  • Lots of bug fixes.
  • Mach more.

Download Psych Engine

Below are links to download the Friday Night Funkin engine’ — Psych Engine for 64 and 32 bit Windows systems. All links are direct, free and safe. After downloading the archive, extract it to the desired location and run the PsychEngine.exe file

What's new in this version
  • Added add functions, inserts, removal, addBehindGF, addBehindDad, addBehindBF в HScript
  • Fixed issues with runHaxeCode/runHaxeFunction
  • Fixed sustain scaling when changing playback level in the middle of a song via Lua/Haxe
  • Fixed bug, due to which HScript did not display errors properly
  • debugPrint can now be colored in Lua
  • debugPrint now automatically breaks lines
  • Updated SScript to version 4.0.1 (although custom classes still don't work!)
  • BPM can now be animated via Lua/Haxe
Download previous versions

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Friday Night Funkin'
Comments: 7
  1. SwiftKey

    Hope it works

  2. ElRectalo

    Instead of a normal psyche engine, it's called «blammed engine», where all the songs are replaced by blammed, all enemies on pico, and even when the music changes the color of the whole picture, what causes epilepsy

  3. adamsksl

    is not facke

  4. plant

    i love friday night

  5. aaron

    I am gonna do my Psych Engine Mod After my Homework

  6. Roman

    I still making mod

  7. Roma

    I want the same game

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