How to pass Friday Night Funkin on PC

Many of those, who tried to play Friday Night Funkin, they just don’t understand how it’s possible to keep up with the flow of arrows at more difficult levels. It seems completely impossible! Meanwhile, there are many player's video on Youtube and other internet websites, which quite easily pass seemingly impossible songs. How do they do it and is it possible to learn it? Or does it still need to have some special fingers?

Fingers FNF

We hasten to assure you — complete all levels of the official game (we woun't talk about mods — there are such, that even superhumans can't master them) possible for almost everyone! You just need to choose the right technique for placing your fingers, as well as a lot of training.

Finger placement

There are many techniques for placing fingers and hands on the game's control keys.. You can try some of them and decide, which one suits you the most.

Beginners usually use fingers of one hand to play.. If using the arrow keys, then the index finger lies on the arrow "Left", ring finger on "Right", and the middle one moves between the "Up" and "Down" keys. Fingers of the left hand are placed on the keys "WASD". This method is especially suitable for lefties.. There are also players who use only two fingers to play.. Moreover, there are also, who uses one!

Despite the seeming convenience of playing with the fingers of one hand, It should be noted, that grandiose results can't be achieved in this way. You can go through the tutorial and the first week (level), but the second one is where the problems start..

The most recommended finger placement is: fingers of the left hand rest on some of the "WASD" keys, and right — on the arrow keys. Place the middle finger of your left hand on the "A" key (right), and the index on the "S" key (down). Put the middle finger of your right hand on the "Up" key, ring finger on "Right". Thus each finger is responsible for only one key., which increases responsiveness and prevents confusion.

Using fingers on both hands may seem more difficult at first., than playing with one hand. You may want to drop everything and go back to the old game technique, but don't do that! After a couple of hours of playing with the ''four-finger'' method, you will notice it's advantage. This is the time to rebuild your reflexes..

If you can't do anything with the standard character control scheme, you can change it! Read the guide about how to do it.Change management in Friday Night funkin».

Practice and more practice!

Without regular practice you won't be able to pass Friday Night Funkin! You may need a few days to get through the first week, a week to pass the second ... Of course, everything is very individual, but get ready for constant losses.

Every week it is better to start with the easiest (Easy) mode, and then, after you work out the technique and learn the patterns, switch to normal (Normal) and heavy (Hard).

Don't jump from level to level. Complete the game in order. If you didn't get past the first week in hardcore mode, don't even try to go to the second. Second week — it's a damn nightmare, especially the Spookeez song, which will be very difficult to pass. Focus on mastering the red arrows in this song.


Basically, training comes down to developing muscle memory for complex sequences.. Frequent repetition of tracks is the key to success.

Are our tips helpful?? Do you have any comments?, additions or want to share your thoughts on the methods of passing the game Friday Night Funkin on PC — write in the comments!

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