FNF: Squid Game (Windows)

Meet the new popular mod — FNF: Squid Game. Here you will see the possibilities of this mod, and download the latest version for PC Windows.

FNF: Squid Game is an interesting free mod for Friday Night Funkin'. You have already heard about the sensational Korean TV series "Squid Game", after installing, you will be able to play this game by yourself. Add one more week to your FNF, a strong opponent and a very incendiary track. Connect two completely different universes in one game.

This mod has its own unique backstory. From the dialogue of the characters we see, that Boyfriend and Girlfriend decided to take part in a bloody competition. The reason is not exactly known, but maybe the BF owes money and wants to replenish the family budget in this way? Notably, that his shirt has number 456, just like the main character of the TV show. Girlfriend's number is 455. Boyfriend calls bad guys to rap battle. Masked thugs, dressed in branded red uniforms, accept the challenge. They look as intimidating, as in the TV show, so it won’t be easy to win.

The fight will be challenging and epic. The fight is accompanied by an interesting new track. It's very rhythmic and incendiary, but a little creepy at the same time. The developers did a good job filling the mod and graphics, that's why everything looks very high quality and bright.

Download FNF: Squid Game

Below is a link to download the current version of the mod. Also be sure to read the instruction for installing mod on your PC, because there are some nuances.

What's new in this version
  • New guard icon
  • New diagram for red light
  • cool effects
  • The red light song is better now
Download previous versions

How to install FNF : Squid Game

  1. Download PsychEngine.
  2. Download the mod file from our website.
  3. Change the folder «mods» in the PsychEngine folder to the folder from the zip file of the mod.
  4. Run the game.

Leave your opinion about this mod below in the comments. Did you like everything? Were you able to install the mod without problems? If you have any difficulties — write and we will definitely help you figure it out.

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