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There are not many mods for FNF, so get one more. This is a really interesting mod, which will give you a whole new gaming experience. At the end of the article you will see the link, you will see a link and download the current version of the product for free on your Windows PC. We guarantee you a fast and secure download.

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FNF: VS Cheeky it's a horror mod for Friday Night Funkin'. This mod will appeal to everyone, who is looking for adrenaline and wants to diversify the game with something non-standard. Mod adds a lot of new content to the game: new weeks, new rival, tracks, as well as backgrounds for battles. Thanks to these innovations, the game takes on a whole new look, and the gameplay becomes more interesting and exciting.

Your opponent in this mod will be a stone sphere named Cheeky is the character of the surreal Roblox games from M U G E N. This is no ordinary sphere, but a vicious criminal, who wants to kidnap and kill BF. Villain design is not impressive, but he looks really wierde, especially when making faces. His facial expressions are quite aggressive, but it's not surprising, considering his plans. Cheeky has a big smile and very creepy devilish eyes.

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The competition between BF and Cheeky will be held under new rhythmic compositions. Its useful to note, that the latest song in mod is one of the hardest.

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FNF: VS Cheeky is one of the most difficult Friday Night Funkin mods’ in terms of the required reaction rate. You have to be extremely fast here, otherwise the game will end very quickly for you. The mod is more suitable for experienced players, because a beginner simply will not pull out control, even in "Easy" mode.

Download FNF: VS Cheeky

Below is a direct link, where you can download the mod archive on your computer. Do not forget to pay attention to the detailed instructions for installing the mod, to avoid possible problems during installation.

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How to install FNF : VS Cheeky

  1. Download mod archive from our website.
  2. Unzip it to any folder (you can use any file archiver convenient for you).
  3. Run Vs Cheeky.exe.
  4. You can start playing.

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