FNF: VS RetroSpecter Icebreaker (Windows)

One more interesting mod for a more intense and exciting Friday Night Funkin is already available for you on our website. Install the mod on your PC and fight new strong opponents. There is a direct link at the end of this article, where you can quickly download the mod on your computer.

FNF: VS RetroSpecter ICEBREAKER screenshot 1

FNF: VS RetroSpecter Icebreaker is a popular mod, which will surely interest all fans of FNF. Here you will fight with new strong opponents, which will be very difficult to defeat. Your main rival will be RetroSpecter — a creepy demon, who look like lizard. His appearance gives goosebumps, especially strange hand, that grows right out of a demon's tail. You also have to fight Icebreaker (more monstrous form of RetroSpectre), MomPoms and other unique characters. Brand new tracks are waiting for you in this mod, and will definitely please with rhythm and dynamics.

This mod offers several levels of difficulty: Normal, Hard and Hell. If you are an experienced player, immediately choose the most difficult Hell mode, for beginners, we advise you to opt Normal. FNF: VS RetroSpecter Icebreaker offers intuitive controls, which is basically the same as the original game. The mechanics of the game is based on the precise execution of key combinations according to the music. The most accurate hit on the arrows guarantees victory.

FNF: VS RetroSpecter ICEBREAKER screenshot 2

The benefits of FNF: VS RetroSpecter Icebreaker

  • Unique rivals.
  • Several new tracks.
  • Attractive visual design.
  • Actively developing and adding new characters.
  • Stable work (does not freeze and does not throw out of the game).

The disadvantages of FNF: VS RetroSpecter Icebreaker

  • Many characters are in development and not yet available for battles.

FNF: VS RetroSpecter ICEBREAKER screenshot 3

Generally, FNF: VS RetroSpecter Icebreaker is a fairly high-quality mod of Friday Night Funkin', which guarantees gamers exciting gameplay, excellent graphics, sound and clear control. It’s interesting for beginners, and for experienced players.

Download FNF: VS RetroSpecter Icebreaker

You can download the mod from the link below. We guarantee you fast and secure download of the latest version of the mod. Be sure to read the installation instructions, to avoid possible problems with installing the product on your Windows PC.

What's new in this version
  • Fixed some bugs and other improvements.

How to install FNF : VS RetroSpecter Icebreaker

  1. Download mod archive from our website.
  2. Unzip the mod archive to a folder or other place convenient for you.
  3. Run file FNF — Vs Retrospecter.exe.

If you have any questions about the mod or installation — leave your comment in the field below. We will definitely try to help you solve any problem that arises.. Also here you can leave your review about this product.. Be sure to write to us, what other mods would you like to see on our website and we will add them.

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